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Pasture Raised Chicken


The 2022 Bel Canto Farm Chicken Harvest is expected to produce about 150 birds for consumption. We raise the chickens for the first 3 weeks in a warm safe enclosed barn. For the remaining 9 weeks, we move them to pasture where they enjoy exercise in the beautiful sunshine and green grass, with plenty of bugs for them to peck around.


We raise Freedom Rangers from PA, bred for success on pastures and delicious flavor. We buy straight runs of birds that includes males and females. This creates inherent variety in size where males are typically 8-10 ounces larger than females. Our current inventory includes birds between 3 lbs 8 ounces and 4 lbs 8 ounces. As a result, and to simplify orders, we are offering a single price of $25 per chicken with all birds within +/- 8 ounces of 4 lbs. If you order more than two birds at a time we will do our best to select birds that average 4 lbs. or more.

We can arrange delivery or a convenient spot to meet and have you pick up. You will need to bring a cooler with ice to maintain the "cold chain" and by placing the chickens in a freezer immediately.

All proceeds from our sales are invested back into the farm for improvements to sustain future chicken seasons! All additional proceeds beyond the farm investment are donated to charities supporting local food systems. Feel free to make us aware of a local charity you’d like to support. We currently accept cash, checks, or Venmo.

Thanks for supporting our farm lifestyle and we hope you enjoy these luscious pasture-raised chickens.

Questions? Email Nicole Rossi at

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