Pigs for Sale

Bel Canto Farm has genetically diverse lines to choose from and practices select breeding, helping to ensure that each generation of kunekune offspring continues to improve upon the previous. 

Only the highest quality piglets from each litter are reserved for breeding stock sales.    We work closely with each customer  to ensure that the pigs they receive from Bel Canto work with their farm goals of breeding sales, meat production or both.

Our Farm Guarantee assures our customers that we stand by every breeding stock sale.  

Gilts & Sows

Josie gilt.jpg

'Little Marcia'

Jenny x Andrew

Double wattled, 10 even teats and large frame.

Lance x Josie

DOB: March 20, 2021

IMG_1055 2.heic

'Miss Magdeline'
Aria Giana x Tutanekai

Double wattled, stocky build with a large frame.

Mira x Tonka

DOB: June 2, 2021



Jenny x Ru

Double wattled, 12 even teats and lovely confirmation.

Bilbo x Maezel

DOB: April 10, 2021

Boars & Barrows



Ru x Jenny

Double wattled, 12 even teats and large frame.

Bilbo x Maezel

DOB: April 10, 2021



Ru x Jenny

Double wattled, large frame with depth and length.

Bilbo x Maezel

DOB: April 10, 2021


Tonganui x Aria Giana

Double wattled proven boar.  Buddha has an extremely solid frame with a lovely head.  He has sired multiple litters in a variety of colors.  We are retaining his son for our program.

Babe x Eva

DOB: September 29, 2018

More Pigs Coming Soon...

Please contact us (Barb) to learn more about the pigs we currently have for sale. You can also check out our upcoming litters!


We will work directly with you to determine the best match!

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