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Bel Canto Quality Care

Here at Bel Canto Farm, we pride ourselves in the quality of care we provide to our animals as well as the excellent genetic lines we maintain. We will only place 'Breeding Stock' status on the pigs we feel have the best Kunekune traits to pass on.  They MUST have excellent confirmation and head, move correctly, have strong legs and feet, 10 or more evenly spaced teats and a sweet, sweet temperament.  They are all handled extensively to assure they have exceptionally sweet personalities and enjoy human interaction.  We breed for the true to type Kunekune head and snout: broad with a nice dished snout to ensure less rooting and outstanding grazing capabilities while maintaining correct jaw and teeth alignment and breathing abilities.

Every kunekune pig for sale as breeding quality stock comes with our farms guarantee that the pig will produce offspring or we replace the pig or investment.  We also take care of registering the pigs for our customers and providing unlimited support and mentoring. 

Learn more about the foundations of our farm.

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