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  • Kunekune pigs have a gestation period of 116 days. 

  • If a sow does not cycle after her breeding you can be fairly confident she is pregnant. An ultrasound can be effective at approximately 30 days from conception but does take experience to be proficient.

  • During the first and second trimester, you will notice few changes and the sow should be on maintenance rations.  

  • During the third trimester, the piglets are growing in size and the sows rations should be increased to help support this additional need for energy. Her belly will begin to show the baby bulge and around 100 days you should be able to feel fetal movement.

  • During the week prior to delivering you will see changes in the sow's teats, the position of belly bulge, enlarging of the vulva, and restlessness in the sow.

  • Prior to farrowing the sow will begin to nest, taking bedding and forming a delivery area for her piglets.

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