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Nutritional Benefits of Kunekune Pastured Pork

If you have ever tasted Kunekune pork you understand why it is superior to other pork. It's flavor is delectable and it has such a succulent texture. But did you know, that in addition to offering great flavor there is new data that also supports the far superior nutritional value of pastured Kunekune pork over conventionally raised pork.

  • 90-99% More Vitamin E

  • 33% More Omega #

  • 66% More Omega 6

  • 90% More Omega 9

  • 2.8X More Vitamin D

The Empire Kunekune Pig Association has just released the results. We thank EKPA for their continued support of the Kunekune breed and member farms. Their research and education is to be applauded. Thank you?

For more information on the nutritional benefits

EKPA Nutritional Benefits
Download PDF • 2.80MB

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