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Housing & Fencing

Kunekune pigs require a draft free  structure  bedded down with straw to give them shelter from foul weather and cold and shade in the heat.   Pigs are smart and strong so be sure your fencing is enough to contain them or is an electric fence set at the appropriate height. Sturdy gates and doors are essential.

Keeping Cool

Pigs do not sweat and thus need a way to stay cool in the heat.  Providing shade and a mud wallow helps them stay cool and keep bugs away.  Or if you prefer, a kiddie pool with ample water will suffice.  Be sure to refill the pool with cool water.

Food & Water

Kunekune are "grazing pigs", extremely efficient with the ability to fatten on good pasture and low feed input.  Commercial pig feed and hay work well when pasture is not available and fruits and vegetables are always enjoyed.  Always provide fresh cool water for your pigs.

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