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Est. 2004

Bel Canto Farm is one of the largest and longest running Kunekune breeders in the United States. We maintain 13 distinct Kunekune genetic lines and a herd of 30-80 Kunekune pigs. All sales of registered breeding stock are backed by Bel Canto Farm's guarantee of quality and we remain mentors to our customers from day one. 

Bel Canto has dedicated our Kunekune breeding program to preserving the unique traits of the Kunekune through selective breeding; strengthening their qualities while maintaining their original intent and purpose.

Frances and Piglets


The Folks herding pigs

The Folks & The Farm

Bel Canto Barn

Bel Canto Quality Care

piglets looking out of the barn door


Stella and babies

Our Breeding Program

Pig farming education


Bel Canto Barn


Pigs for Sale

Pigs for Sale

Kunekune bacon

The Butcher Shop

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